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TVR Amir was built by Mr Amir Wasef who basically studied civil engineer but he have a passion for tools special precessions measuring tools and distance, etc… so he dedicated all his time for this new born business in Hurghada in 1985 by importing these tools till the big turn when he find out that one of these tools measure depth lead to diving. So he becomes Suunto diving computers agent.

As consequence he got involved in Scuba diving business by attending the boot show in Germany and the Dema show in USA till a growth started in market by introducing more high quality brands into his career by becoming the agent of Bare diving equipments, Atomic Aquatecs regulators, Zeagle BCDs and FinnSub Fly wings and torches.
Which appears a need for another branch in Sinai so he Opened Dahab branch at 2011 and when was shown a number of Egyptian interested in diving and in order to fulfill the Egyptian market and extend the growing in diving sport a new branch was established in Cairo in 2014.
TVR Amir Cooperation would mean more revenue and more growth by correcting some wrong concept about scuba dive and attract more people to be diver, leads to be recognized as a PADI diving facility by providing PADI materials and high quality rental Gear so people can be well introduced to diving.
Following the massive diving success that TVR Amir has achieved over the years in the scuba diving field, TVR Amir feels the needs of the Cairo market to introduce SUUNTO continued with their wide range of fitness and outdoors watches that share the same quality and robustness features of their ancestors in addition to stylish and trendy looks for every taste.
TVR AMIR becomes more involved in Outdoors Sports by sponsoring and being present at selected sports events which started with their support to the Cairo Spinning Marathon and GBI Cycling Community.


Our mission is to inspire and equip every athletic, diver and adventurer.
Our business idea support this vision by offering wide range of equipments, tools and services at high quality so they can count on it in their new adventures in different sports fields. 


Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire and equip adventurer and sport enthusiasms for their new adventures to explore new territory from the highest mountain to the deepest sea and anywhere in between


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Fax: +2-065-3544739

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