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TVR Amir

Is a diving facility & shop our target is to inspire & equip every athletic, diver, adventure by offering a wide range of equipment, tools & services at high quality

New Arival

A compact dive computer with a clear color screen and customizable features.

Compact and comfortable

The lightweight, compact composite case with an elastomer strap (or bungee) is comfortable on any size of a wrist. Press large buttons easily with or without gloves.
Conveniently re-charge the battery through USB.

Grows with you 

EON Core is ready out-of-the-box, but you can modify the features as you like to fit your own needs with the Suunto CustomDisplay™. Choose from different view styles and select the dive details you want to see.
Updatable software makes EON Core a loyal diving partner for years to come.

Easy to read

Read all the important diving details at a glance from a clear,
legible screen.
Large numbers and texts with high contrast colors are easy to see even in murky waters
or when diving at night time.


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Our Brands

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Our branches: 

Cairo :
12 Almaza St. , Cairo, Egypt
Hurghada :
Sayed korayem St., el Dahar 
Light House St., al Asala


Phone: 010-2741-2277